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Join our diverse team of healthcare professionals and take your nursing career to new heights with Capital Nursing. Whether you're a Registered Nurse, a Mental Health Nurse, or a Nurse Midwife, we offer a dynamic work environment in the UK's top hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Why Choose Capital Nursing?

Competitive Benefits:

  • Enjoy trust-paid positions, sponsorship certificates, and comprehensive insurance coverage.

Relocation Support:

  • We cover your flight, provide an airport transfer, and offer 8 weeks of free accommodation.

Professional Development:

  • We invest in your growth with paid fees for your OSCE exam and professional certifications.

Who We're Looking For

Registered Nurses:

  • Bring your BSc, PBBS, or MSc with at least one year of experience to a role where you can make a difference.

Mental Health Nurses:

  • With your specialized qualifications, contribute to a team dedicated to mental health care and support.

Nurse Midwives:

  • Play a crucial role in labor and delivery settings with your expertise and compassionate care.

Our Commitment to You

Seamless Transition:

  • From handling your visa application to your first OSCE exam fee, we make your move as smooth as possible.

Continual Support:

  • Our advanced payment by trust ensures you're financially secure from the moment you join us.

Career Progression:

  • Capital Nursing is part of the prestigious Apollo Hospitals Group Initiative, promising a world-class career trajectory.

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