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    Your career Aspirations Is Our Job If you are aspiring for a career in healthcare, we're here to guide you. We take care of the entire journey, from training to up-skilling to final placement in the UK.







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      This is exactly what I have been wanting, the perfect time when can I convey my gratitude from the bottom of my heart to Apollo. I really appreciate the support as you worked diligently to be the best in my hiring process with the Leeds Teaching Hospitals in the UK. I am grateful for the enormous assistance and guidance which I received throughout the process from Apollo team. It was tough for me to attend my interview without their suggestions. The most imperative thing is that they were at a distance, where I can reach effortlessly any time. It will always be a pleasure to suggest Apollo to those, who looking for an interview to the NHS Trust UK. My humble recognition for making my dream a reality. Have a brighter future ahead with Apollo.

      It has been a wonderful time spending with the Apollo team. I am really thankful for the support you have provided since the beginning. Initially I was totally unaware about the steps involved in the recruitment process and was a bit passive too but I think the approach from Apollo made me to participate actively for the steps in the later days. Involving me actively in the process not only helped to fasten the recruitment but also to empower me as an individual. The most important part of the whole process was the interview. They trained me professionally attend it. The Interview Preparation provided was crucial for my selection with the Wrightington Wigan and Leigh NHS trust. As a guide they were there with me in my good and bad times and were really approachable at any time. They communicated before every step, which made it easy for me. I really covey my sincere gratitude to Apollo Team, who helped me with my recruitment process and achieve my dream.

      I express my gratitude to Apollo team for giving me an opportunity to understand better about Health Education England and be a candidate for Global Learners Programme. I thank the entire team for their guidance, encouragement and support. With their constant help now I am one step closer to achieving my goal. Thank you very much for referring me to the Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust. The entire experience from the very beginning of recruitment till now is much appreciated. The team members are so helpful, they always keep in touch with me throughout the stages. Once again Thank you.