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    Crewe Campus

    ABHSC campus at Crewe is surrounded by lush green spaces and riversides, providing an ideal backdrop for students to study and engage. From relaxing study areas to exciting recreation spaces, the campus offers multi-dimensional experiences to make students feel at home.

    About Crewe

    Crewe, in South Cheshire, UK, is known for one of the world’s most excellent railway workshops in the 19th century and was a centre for craft and invention. Today, Crewe offers the right mix of vintage charm and cosmopolitan lifestyle, hosting a thriving music scene and a famous football club.


    Crewe campus is accessible by road and rail from all major cities and airports. It is located 30 miles from Manchester, 180 miles from London and 37 miles from Liverpool. It is well connected to the nearby town of Crewe and is just 1 mile from Crewe Station, a major junction in the north of England.


    The campus is built around the requirements of local and international students. It provides a host of amenities to help students achieve what they have set out to do. It hosts a well-equipped sports and fitness facilities, break-out rooms and lounges, and a well-equipped library. Round-the-clock medical facilities and student counselling services are also available.

    Social life

    The campus offers plenty of opportunities to socialise with a host of cafes and eateries, a bar, events and even themed celebrations. Students can also visit the nearby thriving market town of Crewe for shopping, cinema and some much-needed relaxation and fun.

    The campus offers plenty of opportunities for social events organised by the University of Buckingham’s Student Union. Nearby there is the market town of Crewe for shopping, cinema and leisure facilities.

    There is also the historical town of Nantwich, a medieval market town with a modern edge. Situated on the banks of the River Weaver, Nantwich is famous for the medieval timbered buildings dotted around the city. Stroll through the atmospheric streets, visit the museum and enjoy the bijoux boutiques, antique dealers and contemporary craft shops.

    After shopping and walking around the beautiful, historic town of Nantwich, you are in the ideal place to find a cosy corner in a local pub with an open fire and ancient beams, step into a quirky cafe, or you could make for a bar or restaurant for a glass of fizz or a pint! Nantwich is home to a wide variety of pubs, cafes and restaurants, along with two nightclubs to dance the night away.

    Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham can all be reached easily in less than1 an hour and London in under 2 hours by train, which is less than a 10-minute walk from the campus. In addition, there are many other direct services to major cities.