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    HealthJobs is a Medvarsity initiative and Asia’s first-ever online job, career & community platform dedicated to healthcare professionals and the healthcare industry. On HealthJobs, job aspirants can search for healthcare jobs with focus and ease, and healthcare companies can recruit the best talents from the healthcare industry and connect with the healthcare community.

    The fastest-growing careers belong in the healthcare industry. With the number of trades losing positions, health care continues to grow but often finds it challenging to find suitable candidates. We aim to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and the network of healthcare companies. No matter where you start your career in the healthcare field, you have the choice to pick what speciality you want to pursue. There are so many different career options within the healthcare industry. You will likely find at least one that you can enjoy.

    Very few other careers give people the opportunity to do as much good as the healthcare industry does; we understand this. Therefore our platform is designed to help you find your dream job and connect with Asia’s best healthcare employee.