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    Radiology is one of healthcare’s most critical clinical functions, which has developed with the evolution of technology. As the service has become increasingly specialised, the challenge for healthcare providers has been maintaining timely and accurate services to support the best patient outcomes. Consequently, there is an increased need for subspecialist Radiologists to interpret imaging studies. Acknowledging the growing needs of the global medical community, Apollo Radiology International (ARI), HEE and UHMB, have established a unique partnership to prepare and examine Radiologists from Asian countries for Fellowship in the UK, enabling them to be eligible to work in the UK. AHS will be representing and facilitating the Global Fellowship Programme in the UK to support the NHS in offering Radiology services. Key highlights of the programme include:

    • One of the Earn, Learn and Return initiatives by Health Education England.
    • Pre-employment guidance and training.
    • A full-time paid job with a unique learning opportunity in a sub-speciality.
    • 40% of the paid time set aside for learning in the sub-speciality of interest.

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